Grow Pro


Location: University of Washington – Tacoma

When: The fourth Wednesday of the month from 6:00 till 8:00 pm. See Calendar for further details.

Who: All cannabis industry professionals who are seeking to develop a greater understanding of the craft of cannabis.

Ticket: FREE

There are plenty of events happening right now in the cannabis sector. However, how often do these events offer two hours of cannabis industry education for free? The answer is none of them do. The reason is strangely not defined either. The result is that the industry members that are craving this information the most are having a difficult time accessing craft knowledge. Our answer is the Grow Pro Series. This series of events will be hosted in a classroom-like setting where we will host industry specialists and have them present their magic or special sauce to the audience. We will produce interactive presentations that will engage the audience and compel interaction during our Q&A. Click on the “ID Badge” below to see the event calendar.


We have chosen a location that is in the South Sound area to attract licensees and their staff to our professional location. When an attendee arrives they will be greeted by our staff in the lobby, which is where they register. Each attendee will receive an attendee bag filled with sponsored material and a custom printed event program. As attendees enter the space they will be greeted by the multiple sponsored marketing tables as they make their way to find a seat. We designed this space to compel networking around the sponsored tables before the event presentations begin. For information on sponsorships please contact us by clicking on the pencil below.