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1st Annual Pacific Northwest KNF Conference

Join the Korean Natural Farming (KNF) community as they congress in Washington State for the 1st Annual Pacific Northwest KNF Conference. Meet certified pros and hear first-hand how they use KNF Solutions for everything from livestock to cannabis. During this two day conference, you will be learning by sitting through presentations, lectures and a hands-on workshop.

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What is Korean Natural Farming (KNF)?

“At the most basic foundational level Korean Natural Farmers promote living soils produced by diverse and powerful Indigenous Micro Organisms (IMO). Korean Natural Farmers use edible solutions to complement the natural growth cycle of plants recognizing distinct stages and feed accordingly much like how a child is fed differently than an adult for optimal results. Korean Natural Farmers are also world famous for raising pigs and chickens with no smell and no cleaning, and flies are not attracted because beneficial microorganisms outcompete disease.” – Drake

“KNF is the magic of humans working in harmony with nature to achieve nutrient-dense food that is sustainable, regenerative, and environmentally friendly” – Jeff

What are the primary benefits of KNF for livestock?

“KNF for livestock saves the farmer from having to clean the pens or worry about the animals catching any disease. The no smell no cleaning pens are USDA NRCS best practices and qualify for federal funding to convert. The meat that results is the taster’s choice, no antibiotics or vaccinations open up growing markets for folks looking for conscious humanely raised meat. From chickens to pigs to cows, the KNF Livestock is a miracle in our modern world.” – Drake

Why should cannabis farmers seek out KNF?

“Once you smoke KNF you will wonder what you have been smoking for all these years. The ability to customize the trichome profile through simple feeding processes puts KNF light-years ahead of any other technique. Save money with ultra-low cost options, or go all out making the most top-shelf craft cannabis of your dreams.” – Drake

“Cannabis farmers should seek out KNF because it provides a nutrient dense, cost saving, and eco-friendly system while providing a new way to sell cannabis to consumers.” – Jeff

What are the beneficial impacts of KNF?

“Imagine the soil being more fertile AFTER you do your grow. KNF’s oozes life into every environment. Pretty soon your neighbors land will also start to green up and look healthy as the mycelia permeate your neighborhood’s body mind and spirit. With the healing of the soil come the healing or the plants, the animals, and finally us humans.”  – Drake

What can attendees expect from the PNW KNF conference?

“Come away with a renewed sense of hope for the world. Many of the current issues we face have a KNF Solution to bring healing and rectification. Put the tools you need in your hands and start transforming everything you encounter toward a more healthy and harmonious situation.” – Drake

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