The 4th Annual Croptoberfest is a hybrid cannabis popular education and trade show that focuses on the developing industry specifically from an agricultural perspective.  Each year we get right down to the core of our industry by hosting a daylong event built around cannabis cultivation practices and standards.  This year we are proud to have assembled the largest amount of informative material on cannabis cultivation that we have ever put together.


Keynote Speaker

Dominic Corva
Dr. Dominic Corva

Dr. Dominic Corva is the founder and Social Science Research Director at the Cannabis and Social Policy Center (CASP), a federal 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to learning whole plant lessons about and from emergent landscapes of cannabis legalization. A Political Geographer and Public Policy scholar, he was most recently an adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Washington (2015-2016) and visiting assistant professor in Public Policy at Sarah Lawrence College (2009-2013), and continues to be an Affiliate Researcher for the Humboldt Institute for Interdisciplinary Marijuana Research (HIIMR) at Humboldt State University, Arcata, California. He has done subcontracting and consulting work for BOTEC, Americans for Safe Access Foundation (ASAF), the State of California, and various industry and civil society organizations. His content can be found on this website, www.cannabisandsocialpolicy.org; annual popular education events on the West Coast including the Original Terpestival (TM) which he produces, Seattle Hempfest, and Humboldt County’s seasonal spring planting and fall harvest events.His work has been published in The International Journal of Drug Policy, Political Geography, the Annals of the Association of American Geographers, and ACME: A Journal of Radical Geography. His dissertation research examined the political economy of international drug policy in the Western Hemisphere, and his postdoctoral research has focused on the political economy of cannabis agriculture in Southern Humboldt County.

Dominic’s link: http://cannabisandsocialpolicy.org/

Featured Speaker

Tom Lauerman

Tom Lauerman aka Farmer Tom started his plant career at 12 years old. After moving to Southern Oregon in 2002 he managed an organic seed farm while growing and wild-crafting herbs for the pharmaceutical and herbal industries. In 2004 Tom established ‘Lucky Bunch Farm’  in Vancouver, WA intending to become an organic community activist and educator, and honing his growing skills and techniques.  Since 2013 Tom has provided agricultural education at numerous Cannabis events, business meetings, and conferences around the country.  In August 2015 Farmer Tom organized and completed a two-day symposium educating Federal Agents on Cannabis production and processing.  Then in October 2015 his company ‘Farmer Tom Organics’ hosted the first CDC/NIOSH ‘Health Hazard Evaluation’ (HHE) ever performed in the Cannabis Industry in the United States.  The official HHE report was released and published on the CDC website in April 2017, establishing a workplace health and safety baseline for OSHA regulation.  Working tirelessly for ‘Medical Cannabis’ and ‘Cannabis Normalization’ Farmer Tom Lauerman has become the only Federally recognized Organic Cannabis Farmer in the world at this time.  Farmer Tom is currently co-teaching classes at Clark College in Washington State and developing an accredited Cannabis course.

Tom’s link: http://www.farmertomorganics.com/

Guest Speaker

Michael Segal

Michael “Wolf” Segal
a) planted his first crop in 1971, in Southern Oregon while spending that summer playing Michael Marijuana Seed up and  down the West Coast in the areas we now call the Emerald Triangle and the Siskiyou Kush;
b) planted his first indoor crop, under VHO Gro Lux lighting in 1975;
c) invented the grow method now known as Sea of Green (SoG);

  1. d) was part of the design team which devised the first eight-sided paraboloid reflectors;
  2. e) along with Bill Lermer and Larry wrote the column Farmer in the Sky, which appeared in Sinsemilla Tips: Domestic Marijuana Journal from 1982 until October 1989. In this capacity, he was either the first or one of the first to speculate in writing about the possibilities of LEDs, aquaponics and sealed room growing in cannabiculture. He was the first to introduce and write about the earliest ceramic metal halides—the Osram Optimarcs and the first ceramic high-pressure sodiums—the Ceramalux-4.
    This phase of his life ended when the indictments in Operation Green Merchant were unsealed
  3. f) During the period from late 1983 until Green Merchant, when he was arrested for the highest plant count of anyone indicted in Green Merchant (12,000 + plant ), he managed the Seattle-based grow equipment company—Hydro-Tech. In this capacity, he brought a Japanese lighting company called Iwasaki into horticultural lighting for the very first time in their corporate history. The reader is probably more familiar with them under their North American trade name—Hortilux.
    g) He met his friend Jack Herer in 1985 and they both introduced books at the National NORML conference in Washington, DC. Twenty-four years later he would be the last person Jack ever consciously consumed cannabis with.
    He plead down from 12,000 plants and was sentenced based on the 3999 plants he plead down to. He was incarcerated, except for 11 months, from 28October1989 until 24February 2005. While incarcerated he sent something he called Screen of Green out from the federal prison complex at Sheridan, Oregon to High Times magazine. The method he sent out was not SoG but High Times hired someone to expand it into a book which they misnamed “Sea of Green.”

Michael is currently working on three books about growing and his autobiography, speaks at cannabis conferences and does consultation on facility design, process analysis in commercial facility operations and lighting research.

Michal’s links: http://farmerinthesky.com/https://www.time-4-hemp.com/wolf-segal.html 

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