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The 4th Annual Croptoberfest is a hybrid cannabis popular education and trade show that focuses on the developing industry specifically from an agricultural perspective.  Each year we get right down to the core of our industry by hosting a daylong event built around cannabis cultivation practices and standards.  This year we are proud to have assembled the largest amount of informative material on cannabis cultivation that we have ever put together.  During our day-long event, we will be hearing from industry specialists alongside state agencies discussing the practical application and future solutions that we need to cultivate the developing cannabis industry.


Cannabis Commission

Marketing orders aka commissions allow producers to promote orderly marketing through collectively influencing the supply, demand, or price of a particular commodity.  Agricultural research can be financed with pooled funds.  Listen to industry stakeholders and the WSDA discuss the work that has been done to create such an entity and what the commission development process looks like.


Lara Kaminsky

Lara Kaminsky is the Co-Founder & Executive Director of The Cannabis Alliance a non-profit dedicated to the advancement of a sustainable, vital and ethical cannabis industry. Prior to becoming Executive Director, Lara was the Program Director for The Coalition for Cannabis Standards & Ethics a non-profit organization developed in 2010 with a focus on education and industry standards.

Lara has worked in the nonprofit sector in Seattle for over 20 years. She received a Master’s Degree in Arts Leadership from Seattle University with a focus on non-profit management, community organization and change. Lara is devoted to the nonprofit sector and has a strong desire to improve the quality of life for our region and our communities.

Lara specializes in program development and works to strengthen nonprofit organizations by creating seminars, workshops, and other learning opportunities. She has produced a wide array of programming for the cannabis industry from educational seminars to the annual Washington State Cannabis Summit, an event that brings together industry experts from around the nation, now in its 3rd year.

Prior to her work in the cannabis industry Lara worked in video and film production, video editing, design, theatre production and art direction. She worked as a projection designer for 5th Avenue Theater, ACT, Seattle Children’s Theater and the Arizona Theater Company.

Eugene Flynn

Gene Flynn is a Managing Member of Canna Herb Farms LLC, a Tier-2 producer/processor in Stevens County. He is a retired international lawyer, with a recognized expertise in cross-border business & banking transactions and direct foreign investment. His experience includes over 20 years as a resident legal advisor in Asia (Korea & Indonesia), as well as stints with major law firms in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. He is a co-founder of the Cannabis Farmers Council, and acts as its Meeting Chair. Among other things, Gene lends his analytical and drafting skills to the Farmers Council.


The developing the cannabis industry is developing new issues with pests and disease.  This panel will be exploring two main ideas: industry best practices, and future pesticide solutions.  This panel will explore these concerns and the solutions that are being brought to the table.


Erik Johanson

Erik Johanson has been with the Washington State Department of Agriculture for 28 years. Erik has spent the last 20 years working in the Pesticide Registration Program, most recently as the Policy Assistant for the Registration and Licensing Services Program. Previously, he spent 8 years in the Pesticide Compliance Program as an Investigator.

Erik’s primary duties include policy development and coordination of staff registration activities associated with special pesticide registrations (e.g., section 24(c) special local need registrations and section 18 emergency exemptions), and emerging issues (such as pollinator protection, and pesticide use on marijuana and industrial hemp).

Erik frequently works on issues involving pesticide and fertilizer use on cannabis (marijuana and industrial hemp):

  • He was a coauthor of the WSDA criteria for pesticides used for the production of marijuana in Washington.
  • He was significantly involved in developing the WSDA web page for pesticide and fertilizer use on marijuana, as well as several WSDA guidance documents.
  • He provided significant technical assistance to the authors of two publications on cannabis that were published by American Herbal Pharmacopoeia, and by Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology.
  • He was significantly involved in developing an interagency guidance document for the marijuana industry. The guidance document has won two awards: outstanding program innovation, and excellence in regulatory and industry collaboration.
  • He has given several presentations regarding pesticide use on marijuana to the staff of other government agencies.
  • He developed the WSDA criteria for pesticides used for the production of industrial hemp in Washington.
  • He has reviewed and has assisted other WSDA staff with their review of numerous pesticide labels to determine whether these products could be used on marijuana or industrial hemp.
  • He has provided outreach and technical assistance to numerous marijuana growers, pesticide and fertilizer registrants, government agencies and other interested parties regarding the use of pesticides and fertilizers for the production of marijuana.

Erik graduated from Washington State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture (IPM), and also attended the University of Idaho.

Nick Mosley

Nicholas Mosely is Co-owner and operator of Confidence Analytics, which is Washington State’s leading cannabis research and quality assurance laboratory. He proudly manages a team of analytical chemists and microbiologists who are pushing the cutting edge of cannabis product analysis and process evaluation. They certify recreational and medical cannabis for human consumption, they describe its variety of form and function, and they pioneer new methods of extraction, purification, and agricultural production.

“Marijuana is a very complex drug with long existing widespread use and definite impact on matters social, legal, clinical and therapeutic. The normalization of marijuana in modern society is just now enabling businesses like ours to begin unraveling its complexity and honestly describing its risks and utilities. The QA laboratory is an essential stakeholder in all US legal marijuana markets.” – Nicholas Mosely

In October of 2016, Nick was appointed to Adjunct Board Member of The Cannabis Alliance, Washington state’s largest member-driven cannabis industry association. In September of 2017, he was elected to Full Board Member. He now chairs the Regulatory Committee of the Alliance, and has materially participated in several advisory panels with the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board.

Pest Management

Washington State boasts some of the largest cannabis farms in the country and as we increase our mono-cropping cannabis on a larger scale our industry is experiencing new pests and disease.  This panel will explore how to keep your farm under preventative management as well as protocols that can decrease the chance of infestation or crop failure.


Alison Kutz

Alison Kutz comes from 35 years of practical wholesale greenhouse management. Early explorations into the use of biological controls in controlled horticultural environments allowed her to test the parameters of many natural enemies. Since every day creates new problems to solve, Alison has worked hard to expand beyond the known set of tools –  now helping others think outside the box.

Working with beneficial insects, habitat design, composts, soil blends and compost teas she designed organic management protocols for countless crops. Alison has been very involved in helping growers devise management programs that work in their specific environments,  whether indoor, greenhouse or field production. Her business, Sound Horticulture, blends the best of the beneficial insects commercially available with organic tools that function safely with the beneficial insects that Sound Horticulture ships around the states every week.

Jeff Wilhoit.1.1

Jeff Wilhoit is the Director of extracts and sales manager at Puffin Farm. Over the years Jeff has extracted cannabis using nearly every extraction method he has come across. Currently, he uses Supercritical CO2 to produce high terpene Raw extracts for Puffin Farm testing at up to 26% terpenes.

Organic Standards

Last year’s WA State omnibus cannabis legislation had a section in it that instructed the WSDA to create “organic” standards for cannabis production.  The WSDA is currently in the process of developing these standards and will be launching a CR 101-103 process soon.  This panel will explore what an organic program looks like for Washington State’s cannabis industry and what advantages it can bring to the farmers.



Brenda Book has been with the Washington State Department of Agriculture’s Organic Program since 2002, she oversees all aspects of the agency’s organic certification services and staff. A native of Central Iowa, Brenda grew up on her family’s third generation grain and livestock farm and has been involved in the organic industry since 1996 as farmer, researcher, retail produce manager, farmers market manager. In addition to managing the WSDA Organic Program, Brenda has served on numerous local and national boards dedicated to advancing organic agriculture. Brenda holds a degree in sustainable agriculture from The Evergreen State College and studied botany at the University of Iowa.

Started in 1988 the USDA-accredited WSDA Organic Food Program upholds the integrity of the organic label through certification and inspection of organic crop and livestock producers, processors, handlers and retailers. WSDA, the oldest and largest state certification agency in the country, is entirely fee-funded and currently certifies over 1,200 organic clients and registers over 1,000 material inputs for organic production. Organic/

Dr. Jade Stefano.1.1

Jade Stefano is Co-founder and CEO of Puffin Farm, a sustainable Clean Green Certified TM Cannabis farm in Ellensburg WA.  Puffin Farm is an I502 licensed Tier 3 Producer Processor founded 2014.  Puffin grows using organic methods and inputs, including cover crops, beneficial insects, compost tea, and biochar. Puffin is known for its high-quality terpene rich sungrown Cannabis.  Jade is currently working with the WA Sungrowers Industry Association to promote carbon conscious sustainable Cannabis in WA state. Jade is also a Naturopathic Physician with a doctorate from Bastyr University.

Testing Standards

Out of the nineteen labs in the state, four of them rejected none of the pot they tested over a three-month period last year and that is almost impossible to do.  One of the advantages of legalization is that we have mandatory testing regulations that are meant to ensure safe product to the consumers.  This panel will explore the issues in the testing sector and how we can approach future solutions together.



Zachary Iszard manages two Agilent/HP 1100 HPLC-UVs, one Agilent/HP 5890 HS-GC-FID, one Shimadzu LCMS 8030+ UHPLC-QQQ/MS, and one PerkinElmer TurboMatrix/Clarus HS-GC-MS. Also on the way is a Shimadzu GCMS-QP2020 also equipped with headspace sampling.

In addition to instrument management — which entails standard operation, preventative and reactive maintenance, method development, and application development — – Zachary also helped develop SOP by rigorous validation and whole-team cooperation. – Zachary has recently developed an adapted means of analyzing trace mycotoxin residues in cannabis samples, and several of my methods have been accredited by the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board for routine analysis of target compounds in cannabis samples destined for retail.

With Confidence, Zachary has also performed consulting and private research for various operators in the I-502 space, including extraction process development, process refinement, winterization training and optimization, various infused products formulations, and contaminant tracing.

As a scientist in the cannabis space, I am passionate about learning more about the plant and its products to further legitimize the many, many uses of cannabis. – Zachary Iszard

Rick Pfrommer

Rick Pfrommer started as an intern for NORML in 1987 at the tender age of 19. He met Jack Herer soon after and helped co-found Cannabis Action Network (CAN) with Debby Goldsberry. The two of them ran Hemp Tour for over five years. After CAN he moved to Hawaii and learned to cultivate cannabis. Returning in 1997, he worked for several years selling organic nutrients and cultivating cannabis. In 2004 he moved to the Bay Area and was General Manager of the Berkeley Patients Group for two years before helping to found Harborside Health Center in 2006. From Purchasing Manager, General Manager to Director of Education, he has helped Harborside grow and become the world-class institution that it is today.

Rick’s timely move into consultancy at Pfrommer Now Consulting, comes at a time when the mainstream world’s interest in cannabis is at fevered pitch and entrepreneurs are eager to understand the nuances of the plant and the industry. He has already helped a number of startup brands and product lines, various dispensary clientele and new investors into the market.

Three words that clients have used to describe working with Rick; Experienced, Authentic and Knowledgeable.


Jim MacRae is the Founder of Straight Line Analytics, a company that leverages data and analytics to help policy-makers form better policy and to help businesses thrive in competitive markets. Our philosophy centers on helping Clients to better understand the environments in which they are operating, the areas in which their policies or businesses are succeeding and those in which there is room for improvement.

Jim believes that better informed policy-making and business decision-making is, put simply, better …. and that superior outcomes will follow.

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