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The 4th Annual Croptoberfest is a hybrid cannabis popular education and trade show that focuses on the developing industry specifically from an agricultural perspective.  Each year we get right down to the core of our industry by hosting a daylong event built around cannabis cultivation practices and standards.  This year we are proud to have assembled the largest amount of informative material on cannabis cultivation that we have ever put together.  During our day-long event, we will be hearing from industry specialists alongside state agencies discussing the practical application and future solutions that we need to cultivate the developing cannabis industry.

Our event is scheduled for November 4th with the doors opening at 9:00 am for all to arrive.  During the first hour, guests can visit the sponsor’s booths and get situated for the event.  Opening notes begin at 9:45 am and then immediately following that we will listen to our Keynote Speaker Dr. Dominic Corva who is Founder and Executive Director of The Center for Cannabis and Social Policy.  After our Keynote Speaker, we will be transitioning into our first panel discussing the development of a Marketing Order aka Cannabis Commission for Washington State.  At the end of this first panel, we will be breaking for the lunch hour, at which point folks can get up and continue to visit the event booths or go grab something to eat at the restaurant on site.

After lunch, our education will begin again starting with our Featured Speaker Tom Lauerman who has been working with National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health of the Center for Disease Control on the first Health Hazard Evaluation that the federal government has ever done on an “organic” cannabis farm.  Immediately following our Featured Speaker, we will dive into 4 hour-long panels on focusing on Pesticides, Pest Management, Organic Standards and Testing Standards.  Each of these panels will host industry stakeholders, thought leaders and representative from the WSDA to provide the regulatory perspective.  Overall, the event will connect our attendees with over five hours of cannabis cultivation education and leave all with something to talk about until the next harvest.

Title Description Time
Welcoming Notes The event will begin with opening notes from Jedidiah Haney who is the Founder of Croptoberfest and will be serving as the Emcee. 09:45 am
Keynote Speaker Dr. Dominic Corva – Founder and Executive Director of The Center for Cannabis and Social Policy.  A Political Geographer and Public Policy scholar, he was most recently an adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Washington (2015-2016) and visiting assistant professor in Public Policy at Sarah Lawrence College (2009-2013), and continues to be an Affiliate Researcher for the Humboldt Institute for Interdisciplinary Marijuana Research (HIIMR) at Humboldt State University, Arcata, California. 10:00 am
Cannabis Commission Marketing orders aka commissions allow producers to promote orderly marketing through collectively influencing the supply, demand, or price of a particular commodity.  Agricultural research can be financed with pooled funds.  Listen to industry stakeholders and the WSDA discuss the work that has been done to create such an entity and what the commission development process looks like. 11:00 am
Guest Speaker Michael “Wolf” Segal – The best way to describe Wolf Segal’s role in modern cannabis growing is to say that he has earned, and proudly claims, the title of “the Forrest Gump of growing ganja indoors.” He currently is working on three books about growing and his autobiography, speaks at cannabis conferences and does consultation on facility design, process analysis in commercial facility operations and lighting research. 12:00 pm
Featured Speaker Tom Lauerman – Organic farmer and medical cannabis activist.  Mr. Lauerman is a craft community organic farmer that has been an active participant in the cottage medical cannabis industry since 1996.  Mr. Lauerman will be sharing his industry experience with the attendees with special attention focused on the first Health Hazard Evaluation that the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health performed on his organic cannabis farm in Clark County, WA. 01:00 pm
Pesticides The developing the cannabis industry is developing new issues with pests and disease.  This panel will be exploring two main ideas: industry best practices, and future pesticide solutions.  This panel will explore these concerns and the solutions that are being brought to the table. 02:00 pm
Pest Management Washington State boasts some of the largest cannabis farms in the country and as we increase our mono-cropping cannabis on a larger scale our industry is experiencing new pests and disease.  This panel will explore how to keep your farm under preventative management as well as protocols that can decrease the chance of infestation or crop failure. 03:00 pm
Organic Standards Last year’s WA State omnibus cannabis legislation had a section in it that instructed the WSDA to create “organic” standards for cannabis production.  The WSDA is currently in the process of developing these standards and will be launching a CR 101-103 process soon.  This panel will explore what an organic program looks like for Washington State’s cannabis industry and what advantages it can bring to the farmers. 04:00 pm
Testing Standards Out of the nineteen labs in the state, four of them rejected none of the pot they tested over a three-month period last year and that is almost impossible to do.  One of the advantages of legalization is that we have mandatory testing regulations that are meant to ensure safe product to the consumers.  This panel will explore the issues in the testing sector and how we can approach future solutions together. 05:00 pm
Closing Notes The educational section will close with a note from the event organizers 06:00 pm


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